Ken Burns’ “The Address”

This wonderful, feature-length documentary by Ken Burns focuses on Greenwood School students’ challenges and triumphs in memorizing and publicly reciting The Gettysburg Address.

GET YOUR OWN POSTER of Abraham Lincoln, drawn by Greenwood students.


Rock ClimbingGreenwood School is a boarding school in Southern Vermont dedicated to taking bright and talented young men with learning differences and learning disabilities (LD) such as dyslexia, attentional difficulties (ADD / ADHD), or executive functioning deficits and empowering them with the skills and strategies necessary to bridge the gap between their outstanding promise and present abilities.

With a student: teacher ratio of better than 2:1, the Greenwood School is a boarding and day school for young men in grades 6 through 12 that offers a comprehensive, individualized remedial program, balanced with an emphasis on enrichment programs designed to awaken students’ hidden talents. The result is a school that transforms lives by providing the best environment possible for students with specific learning challenges to realize their academic, social, and creative potentials.

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Greenwood School News

  • Greenwood Presents at FRED Forum

    Greenwood School Headmaster Stewart Miller — along with rising high school Junior Stephen Collins and Alumnus Matt Blake (’88) — was recently invited to Vancouver, BC, to give the closing Keynote Address at Fred Forum, an invitation-only leadership incubator that brings together leaders and leadership trainers from corporations, NGOs, the military and the non-profit sector. […]

  • Innovation at Greenwood

    At Greenwood, we believe in our students’ potential to become leaders.  Consider this:  compared to the general population, a disproportionate percentage of CEOs are diagnosed with learning and/or attentional challenges. As we work to ensure that Greenwood continues to be the preeminent boarding school in the world for students who face learning challenges, we have […]

  • Executive Function Coaching

    Greenwood students have been diagnosed with a wide range of specific learning challenges.  The most common diagnosis that our students share is weakness in Executive Functioning (EF) — the cognitive processes that govern an individual’s ability to plan, initiate action, sustain attention, monitor performance, solve problems in the moment, inhibit impulses, stick with a task […]

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