Greenwood Faculty

Love of learning is at the heart of the enthusiasm and dedication Greenwood School faculty bring to their work. Greenwood’s teachers are highly qualified and experienced, with an average tenure of over nine years.

ChessOur teachers are trained in direct, explicit, multi-sensory language instruction, using the highly respected Orton-Gillingham and LiPS techniques.   Our math instructors have trained in a multi-sensory, hands-on approach to help emergent students improve number sense and number conceptualization.   Our staff are also well-grounded in the developmental needs of our student population and in methods and strategies for Executive Function Coaching.  Ongoing faculty training and supervision is also provided by a master teacher, independent consultants, and by The Greenwood School’s Headmaster.

Highly trained and specialized Educational Therapists further enrich our school and ensure we offer the most effective, innovative, and coordinated program possible for each student.

Most of our teachers live on campus and undertake after-school, evening, and weekend commitments to supervise, mentor, and assist students in all aspects of student life, as well as academics, music, the arts, school projects, sports and recreational activities.