Greenwood Students

The Greenwood School welcomes students of every race, religious belief, national origin, and ethnicity.  Greenwood StudentsThe typical Greenwood student possesses average or superior intelligence, but struggles with a learning disability. Our enrollment includes students who:

  • Have dyslexia or related language-based disorders
  • Require special help mastering grade level skills in reading, writing, spelling, or mathematics
  • Have ADD/ADHD and/or Executive Function deficits
  • Will benefit fully from the educational opportunities that we provide
Greenwood Students RelaxMainstream schools, their classmates, and sometimes even family members often describe these students as lacking intelligence or motivation. Because of a discrepancy between ability and performance, many students with learning differences have been misunderstood. In fact, the motivation, self-esteem, and social relationships of these young people have been eroded by a sense of overwhelming failure in school.

It is often difficult for a boy to maintain self-esteem when his learning requirements differ from those of other children in his family or school. Many students we interview have experienced the academic and social complications of being separated from peers in order to attend special remedial classes. Normal free time has often been cut to make up schoolwork or to meet with a tutor.

 Greenwood Students WoodworkingIn order to help students develop the self-discipline necessary for future independent study, we developed a highly structured program in an atmosphere that is familial, understanding, and supportive.

We invite interested families to visit the school and learn about Greenwood firsthand. Come see what we can offer your boy to give him the tools for his educational success.

To learn more or to discuss the application process, please write, e-mail or call:

The Greenwood School
14 Greenwood Lane, Putney, VT 05346
Telephone: (802) 387-4545 • Fax: (802) 387-5396