Experts Project

Each year all Greenwood students do an Experts Project.   Students are encouraged to select a topic in which they have a strong personal interest.

The planning and research phase spans several weeks.  Experts Project - GeographyThis work includes:

  • Choosing a topic with a reasonable scope
  • Developing questions and finding primary and secondary resources
  • Extracting relevant information
  • Organizing information

At the end of each week, students create  a weekly plan to map out their work for the following week.  They set specific goals and identify what they need in order to succeed.

Students write a summary of their work, which varies from a brief statement to a lengthy report depending on the student’s level.  All students also give an oral presentation with graphics to an audience of peers and teachers.  In planning their presentations, students consider their audience:

  • What do they need?
  • What are the key ideas I want them to take from my presentation?
  • How will I present these key ideas?
  • How will I keep my audience engaged?

Students receive extensive support in class and weekly coaching sessions.   The Language Tutor is the primary coach in helping students define a topic and providing oversight as the project moves along.  Advisors provide secondary support by communicating with the Language Tutor, helping students access resources and stay on track, and communicating progress to parents.  Writing teachers support students with the written component of their work.  Other teachers become resources for particular students based on their professional and personal interests and expertise.