Academic Day

Class Periods:  The academic day is broken into 6 class periods, with a break to recharge after every two classes.  Five classes (Language Arts Tutorial, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies) meet daily.  The sixth class period consists of Art or Woodshop classes 3 days a week, and each of Health and Group Social Pragmatics once a week.

Afternoon Electives:  Academic classes are supplemented by a wide array of creative, athletic and internship opportunities in the afternoon.  For details, see Awakening Talents.

Study Hall:  Five nights a week students work to develop their academic skills in Study Hall.  Middle School students work on two subjects for a total of 60 minutes.  High School students work on three subjects for a total of 90 minutes (60/break/30).  Proctors are available to provide support as needed and communicate daily with classroom teachers.