Class Size and Placement

Middle School and High School classes are generally separate due to the differing developmental needs of each group.

Language Tutorial:  We have found that a two-student tutorial is preferable to 1-on-1 for many of our students.  We can tailor the program to individual needs, without losing the benefit of peer interaction that enhances learning and develops attention span.  More advanced literature tutorials have 2 or 3 students.  Students are very carefully matched for Tutorial based on needs and abilities.

Writing and Math:  These classes are in small groups (4-6 students) with similar needs and abilities. Because of their small size we are able to provide individual guidance.

Social Studies, Science, Health, Social Pragmatics, Studio Classes:  These classes are intentionally a bit larger (8–10 students) and somewhat more heterogeneous.  It is important for students to learn how to focus attention and advocate for their needs in a larger group, as well as to have greater opportunities to work collaboratively.

Support Services and Coaching:  These individual (or small-group) sessions usually meet once a week for each area of need.  Executive Function Coaching permeates life at Greenwood, with 4 formal sessions each week. Both are integrated into the academic day.