Through our internships program, Greenwood reaches out to the local community to create safe, meaningful and diverse opportunities for students to explore a particular interest, develop skills, build character, appreciate the value of academics, and refine aspirations for their future.

Internship Placements

Internship Program

Internships have included:

  • information technology
  • staffing the local food shelf
  • early childhood development
  • sports management
  • blacksmithing
  • automotive mechanics
  • screen printing and embroidery
  • horse care and training
  • cooking
  • ski and bike repair
  • handcrafted arts


In addition to the intern experience itself, we have developed a process that provides important learning opportunities.

  • Interested students first complete an application describing why they would be well-suited for the job.
  • They then interview with the intern coordinator and, on occasion, with the host.
  • Once selected for an internship, students participate in a professionalism workshop.
  • In this workshop school and host expectations are clarified, and students work collaboratively to consider work ethic and appropriate conduct. 
  • Students establish goals for the experience as well as personal development.
  • Half-way through each term, students formally reflect on their progress towards these goals, and assess challenges and identify strategies to overcome them.
  • In the end, each student writes a formal thank-you letter to their mentor expressing their personal, academic and social growth through the experience.