Greenwood School students can explore technology through such fields as robotics, digital arts, film, and computer programming.


Students begin by constructing a basic robotic unit and writing a simple program (in a version of BASIC) to turn the robot’s LED lights on and off for selected intervals.  Having achieved this foundation, students go on to combine various electronic components and program their robot to perform tasks autonomously using a variety of basic and more sophisticated sensors. As students gain an understanding of the mechanical, electrical and programming systems, they have the opportunity to build their own custom creations.

Digital Arts

The new Innovation Center (under construction) will house Greenwood’s Digital Arts program. Students will be able to learn skills and express themselves through graphic design, 3D Art, image design and editing, music composition, animation and game design.

Film Crew

The Greenwood Film Crew works with our professional filmmaker to learn the digital filmmaking process.  Students gain hands-on experience with design, videography and editing.  To see some of our students’ work, visit our video gallery.

Computer Programming/IT

Students can work at their own pace to learn coding skills through the online courses offered by Codecademy. Students can also work with our IT department to learn the basics of network design and maintenance.