Academics Overview

  • Study Skills Coaching

Greenwood School empowers bright students with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and attention deficit disorder to acquire the skills and strategies they need to succeed.

Greenwood Academics - Science ClassIn the process, students are enabled to bridge the gap between their outstanding promise and present abilities, some for the first time in their lives.

The Greenwood School program helps its students improve their weaknesses, appreciate their talents, develop self-advocacy skills, and discover their true potential.

Arguably the greatest gift Greenwood gives its students is a rediscovery of the correlation between effort and success; that is to say that students quickly realize, “If I put forth effort, I will be successful.”

The Greenwood philosophy focuses on remediating academic weaknesses, awakening talents, and building confidence. A comprehensive middle and high school academic program – including science, history, art, literature, music, and athletics – ensures our students are intellectually challenged, creatively inspired, and factually informed.


The Greenwood School strives to reawaken the enthusiasm for learning inherent in all children.  We offer a well-rounded academic program that includes:
Greenwood Academics - Math

  • Individualized language training
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History and Social Studies
  • Literature
  • Art and Music
  • Speech
  • Greenwood’s Village Program
  • Social Pragmatics
  • Computer Technology
  • Athletics

Program Goals

Greenwood Academics - Math ClassMany students with learning difficulties, such as ADD, ADHD, or dyslexia, have lost their enthusiasm for classroom work and feel hopelessly awkward and embarrassed in a mainstream peer group.  They often reject compliments and encouragement from friends and family members because they think they are being consoled or patronized.

Greenwood’s program has evolved over the course of more than three decades of teaching experience and research.  We have seen the progress that is possible when these boys are removed from the emotional pressures of an “age-grouped” classroom and placed in a true peer environment.

A student who has a learning problem should not identify with failure; neither should he use his difficulty as an excuse to avoid taking advantage of opportunities.  We believe that unless a student develops confidence and a firm sense of self, his academic training will not be fully effective.

Academic Support

With our industry-leading 2:1 student-teacher ratio, students are provided with individual academic support daily. Additional support may include:

  • Speech and Language
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Social Pragmatics
  • Counseling
  • Life Skills

These educational therapies have proven invaluable to unlocking student potential. Services are integrated throughout the curriculum and daily life at Greenwood to ensure that our students are supported not just academically but socially as well.

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