Assistive Technology

Greenwood School has an array of assistive technology available to help students with learning disabilities, including speech-to-text, skills practice, time management, and other software tools.

The Challenge

Many Greenwood students are very intelligent, but don’t yet have the skills to work at an intellectually challenging level. If a student believes his scholastic progress is dependent on his weakest skill, his search for knowledge is discouraged. If he is convinced that all facets of his learning require clinical instruction and support, he is robbed of the joy of exploring his creative independence.

The Greenwood Approach

Assistive technologies can open new doors for students who struggle with academic skills.  Greenwood recognizes this and provides each student with a laptop equipped with an array of assistive technologies. Our trained Educational Technologist works with students and faculty individually and in small groups to strengthen skills.

Text-to-speech software enables students to access high level content.  Speech-to-text software is a powerful tool for expressing ideas and makes the editing process less burdensome. Inspiration’s graphic mapping and outlining tools support students in organizing and analyzing information.  In addition to these tools, Greenwood uses skills-based software including Lexia for decoding, FasttMath for mastery of math facts, Word Workout for multi-syllable analysis and decoding and Edmodo for managing assignments.  Content rich applications including Inspire Data help students analyze data and produce tables, charts, and graphs.   

Most classrooms at Greenwood are equipped with interactive touch-screens.  This has proven to be a powerful and versatile tool that offers dynamic visual support for learning.  These interactive boards help create an engaging classroom that allows large-scale projection of video clips and web pages, live-interface with documents and other content, and an exciting way to present student work.