Greenwood School provides counseling both on campus and through area therapists to students requiring support for  emotional, mental health, and self esteem issues.

The Challenge

Remember adolescence?  It can be a tough time for everyone and especially for our boys who have grown up with complex learning differences that often made them feel different than their peers and sometimes “less than” others around them.  Our students may harbor unhealthy fears, avoidance, negative core beliefs, and sadness.  Whatever the issue or reason, mood insecurities can make students unavailable to learn academically and engage socially.

The Greenwood Approach

Greenwood’s School Counselor assists individuals with periodic needs as they arise.  Additionally, our counselor and other therapists drawn from the community work 1:1 with students needing direct therapeutic support in the areas of mental health and self-esteem.  Goals are assessed for each student individually but often focus on emotional intelligence, mood regulation, behavioral changes, and healthy self-exploration.