Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching is built into daily life at Greenwood School, helping our student learn strategies and techniques for improving focus, organization, and time management.

The Challenge

Despite strong effort, some students just can’t seem to get it all together.  They have difficulty moving from one activity to another.  They set a goal, but have difficulty accomplishing it because they struggle to plan and organize, are slow to get started, get distracted, are impulsive, or don’t do a good job monitoring their performance.  These are all examples of what is known as “Executive Dysfunction.”

The Greenwood Approach

All Greenwood teachers and residential staff are trained in Executive Function Coaching, and engage with students throughout the day. Each student meets with his Advisor at least 4 days a week. Although these sessions address the student’s particular needs at any given time, a frequent focus is strategies for organization, time management and priority setting. Classroom teachers use scaffolding to support student learning. Study Hall Proctors help students achieve independence in understanding their assignments, maintaining focus and turning in work.