Life Skills Coaching

The Life Skills Program at Greenwood School helps students acquire strategies and routines to manage daily life, from being on time to doing laundry and keeping their rooms tidy.

The Challenge

Some students struggle to navigate the basic tasks of daily living. They can’t find their clothes or organize their rooms, they’re late to meals and other commitments, they forget to complete assigned chores, and their hygiene leaves alot to be desired.

The Greenwood Approach

Our Life Skills Program provides the structures, strategies, and routines these young men need to experience success. Students are explicitly taught how to organize their rooms, prepare their materials for the next day, be on time for commitments, and maintain hygiene.  Over time, boys grow to reach a level of independence, and therapists shift their role from “teachers” to “coaches”.  Our new dormitory even allows staff to teach students how to cook and do their own laundry.