Consultant Testimonials

We’re proud to work with talented and caring educational consultants. Here are some of the things they’ve told us over the years.

“I am especially impressed that you seem to be constantly re-evaluating how to best meet the boys’ needs while holding true to your mission.”

“Greenwood just never disappoints! I am always blown away by what you do and how well you do it!”

“The faculty were well prepared and organized. Their eyes sparkle when they speak of the boys and the curriculum.”

“Something truly magical is going on here!”

“Your school is impressive from the staff, to the students, to the rich and thoughtful curriculum, to the facilities, to the amazing and safe community. I look forward to referring our clients to your school.”

“The competence and commitment of the staff are truly impressive as is the thoughtfulness that has gone into the program design. The students were engaged and charming. I especially appreciate you sharing your community meal with us.”

“You truly have an exceptional school. I am delighted to know that there is such an outstanding option available to students and families who are struggling with learning disabilities and are searching for the most effective resources available.”

“Thank you so much for a great visit to Greenwood. The kids were wonderful, the teachers truly dedicated, and the whole atmosphere was warm and supportive. You have a gem of a school and I look forward to referring clients to you!”

“Your staff is wonderful, your students are awesome, and your program is refreshingly unique. If only we could clone all of you so that children across America could have the same opportunities to learn in such a supportive setting.”

“I love your school! I am awed by the patience and gentleness of your faculty, the wisdom reflected in the curriculum, and the amazing product of your efforts.”

“Your curriculum does what so many only talk about by integrating hands-on activities into all subject areas.”

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