The Admissions Process

Louisa Moats with Student
Dr. Louisa Moats with Student

To request admission, parents should call or email the Greenwood Admissions Office at (802) 387-4545 ext. 3818 or email: You are also welcome to forward all application materials to the attention of the Admissions Office.  If, after reviewing and discussing these materials, we determine the Greenwood program might be helpful, we will invite the student and parents for a personal interview.

Dates and Deadlines

Greenwood applications are welcomed throughout the year. Because of the limited number of student spaces available at Greenwood, we encourage early application to maximize your chances for enrollment in the next fall term.

You are welcome to telephone or email the Admissions Office (802) 387-4545 ext. 3818 or email: to discuss your child’s educational needs and the school’s program, as well as to obtain answers to any questions you may have about Greenwood.

1.  To begin the admissions process, we require the following information:

  • A psycho-educational evaluation current within 3 years, which includes a WISC-IV and achievement testing in: READING, LANGUAGE, SPELLING, WRITTEN LANGUAGE and MATH.
  • If applicable, a SLEP, TOEFL, or Junior TOEFL
  • If applicable, a current Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • A formal application (download)
  • School transcript
  • A recent photo of the student
  • $75 application fee ($100 for international applicants)

Parents are responsible for making certain that the forms are completed and returned to the Admissions Office in a timely manner.

2.  Once a candidate’s application file is complete, Greenwood’s Admissions Office reviews it.

3.  If we feel the student is potentially a good candidate for our program, then we will invite the student to come for an interview and tour of our program. The interview process takes approximately three hours, and it is nothing to feel anxious about. We see this as a way for the family to understand more about how we can individualize our program to meet their son right where he is, and for the candidate to have the opportunity to meet with faculty and students and have his questions answered.

In addition, at this point you will be asked to submit the following forms (download):

  • A Teacher Recommendation
  • A Principal/Counselor Recommendation
  • A Character Recommendation
  • A Preliminary Health Form

Again, parents are responsible for making certain that these forms are completed and returned to the Admissions Office in a timely manner.

4.  An admissions officer will notify the parents or guardians via mail of the admission decision. Once the school is at capacity, candidates who qualify for admission will be placed in a waiting pool.

5.  We ask that an offer of admission be accepted within two weeks of notification, at which time a $7,500 deposit must be submitted to hold the space. Tuition is payable by June 1st, unless it is a midyear enrollment, in which case appropriate payment arrangements will be made.

Applying to schools can be a time-consuming process, and we are happy to assist families in answering questions and resolving difficulties that arise during the application process. Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns.

Late Applications

Complete and send in your application as soon as possible.  Space permitting and if appropriate, there may be a possibility of admission.

Midyear Applications

Occasionally, a student will leave Greenwood during the school year, and a space will become available. When this occurs, first priority is given to our waiting list, after which new applicants will be considered. If you are interested in a midyear admittance, notify our Admissions Office and ask them to contact you in that event.

Campus Visits

Student interviews are required for admission and typically take place after the completed application has been reviewed and a student has been determined eligible for consideration. Interviews and visits are an excellent opportunity for both parents and prospective students to meet some of our faculty, observe a class, become more familiar with our academic program, tour our campus, dine with our students,  and, in general, experience student life in the dorm and the residential setting at Greenwood. Visits may be scheduled at any time throughout the school year or summer. Please call the Admissions Office to set up a parent/student interview and campus tour.