Tuition and Fees

1:1 TutorialMany families have not planned to fund education prior to their child’s college years. We recognize this and strive to keep our tuition costs close to those of other schools that offer specialized programs. The Greenwood tuition rate includes room and board. Additional student fees such as for books, incidentals and activities are billed separately.

  • Each year we offer need-based financial assistance to a limited number of families who apply for scholarship help. Information regarding supplemental scholarships may be obtained from Greenwood’s Headmaster. Please see our Financial Aid Policy for details.
  • We want to make the Greenwood program available to as many families as possible. In order to meet this commitment, we conduct an ongoing development program to provide for capital needs and program support. Greenwood is a nonprofit institution and all gifts are tax-deductible.
  • Parents should consult with their tax advisor concerning the possibility of taking a medical deduction for the expense of specialized education.

Please see the following rate schedules: