Dual Enrollment Classes Begin at Landmark College

Three Greenwood students have officially started classes this week at Landmark College, located about three miles away in downtown Putney. Two students will be participating in Principles of Chemistry with a lab, meeting in Landmark’s new STEM building, and our third student will be taking an Introduction to Business class. These courses are full credit bearing 100 level college courses, transferred to any school that will accept them. Our students will not only have the opportunity to attend college-level classes on campus, but they will also be able to access the full run of support services offered by the College including Library resources, study groups, and a specific science class support center.  This experience will be highly valuable as our […]

Greenwood Pilots A Transcendental Meditation Program

At Greenwood we pride ourselves on being open to growth opportunities for our students and our school, and keeping current with cutting-edge research that further informs our approach.  We have an unwavering commitment to critical self-reflection and improvement. Our important strategic partnerships with The Stern Center for Language and Learning and Landmark College’s Research and Training Center are reflective of this commitment. In this spirit, we have become aware of the benefits of Transcendental Meditation, specifically for our student population.  We are working with licensed TM instructors Karen and Jack Sugden, and we will test the benefits of TM at Greenwood with a pilot program this winter.  Six Greenwood staff are currently being trained by Karen and Jack, and these […]

Dyslexia – Dyscalculia – Dysgraphia Workshops At Greenwood School

We are excited to announce our spring symposia brought to this area through the partnership between The Greenwood School (Putney, VT) and the Stern Center for Language and Learning (Williston, VT). On March 18, 2016, we will be offering a workshop on Dyscalculia: what it is, indicators from student work, and how we can provide support for students with dyscalculia and other math difficulties. On April 15, 2016, we will be offering a workshop on Dyslexia: reviewing the history of the term, its status in the law, early signs of risk, and what educators can do to ensure that all children learn to read. On May 13, 2016, we will be offering a workshop on Dysgraphia: what we know about […]

Search Launched for New Greenwood Head of School

Greenwood School’s Board of Trustees launched a national search for a new Head of School this week. Applications are being sought from qualified educators by January 27th. The search is being led by a committee chaired by Alan Katz, a member of the Greenwood School Board of Trustees and parent of a Greenwood School alum. Other members of the search committee are: David J. Benjack, a member of the Board of Trustees and parent of a current Greenwood student Caryl Frankenberger, a nationally recognized educational consultant, former Greenwood teacher and member of the Greenwood School Advisory Council Olivia Metzger, President of the Greenwood School Parent Association and parent of a current student Stewart Miller, the current Head of School who […]

Statement by President of Board of Trustees Concerning Stewart Miller

Statement by Joseph Niciforo, President of Board of Trustees, The Greenwood School Concerning Stewart Miller It is with pride and regret that I must inform The Greenwood School community that our Headmaster and his family will be leaving us in June 2016 as Stewart becomes Head of School at the Riverview School in Cape Cod. The Board is proud of what Stewart and Melanie accomplished during their 18 years at Greenwood. The school has thrived during challenging times to emerge stronger and better positioned than at any other period in our school’s history. Stewart’s leadership united administrators and faculty to come together to achieve great success. We are not surprised to have a school of Riverview’s mission and prominence seek out […]

Headmaster Stewart Miller Announces His Final Year At Greenwood

Dear Greenwood Families and Friends, I am writing to let you know that after 18 years at Greenwood, and with the privilege and honor of serving as Headmaster for the last 11 years, this will be my final year at Greenwood School as I depart for a new challenge as incoming Head of School at Riverview School in East Sandwich, MA. Melanie and I have grown up here professionally and are exceptionally grateful for the opportunities and support that we have been given. We are especially grateful that our son, Trent, was afforded the opportunity to be a Greenwood student. There has been no greater gift than to experience the transformative power of the Greenwood program as parents. I take […]

“I want to be a man who…” Photo Book

The pictures in Greenwood School’s new photo book show our students’ reponses to the prompt: “I want to be a man who…” and represent Greenwood’s focus on character strengths and what kind of men our community of boys want to become. At Greenwood, we encourage our students to reflect on the values that are important to them, who they want to become as they transition to adulthood, and to engage with the question, “Do my actions match my expressed values?” This fall, we challenged the students to think about what kind of men they want to become and what words they hope friends, co-workers, or family members use to describe them. The results were powerful. –> Click here to view Greenwood School […]

State of Greenwood School, June 2015

As we reach the pinnacle of another school year when we formally recognize and celebrate the personal victories and realized potential of our students, it is also timely to reflect on the State of The Greenwood School. The past seven years have been a time of dramatic change and turmoil in the country’s economy and in the world of private schools. The recession impacted everything from enrollment to staff recruitment to fundraising. The National Association of Independent Schools reported one of the highest ratios of independent schools closing their doors during this time period.  But in this environment The Greenwood School not only survived, it adapted and thrived. During the last seven years we built a fully accredited high school […]

Former Greenwood Student Has Art Show In New Campus Gallery

Hawk McNabb, a former Greenwood student, who is a junior at Eagle Hill, currently has a solo art show of his prints in our new gallery space. Hawk attended a summer program at the Rhode Island School of design in 2014 where he studied printmaking. Most of the pieces in the show were created during this time. They include etchings, collagraphs, silk-screens and photocopy transfer prints. The day after the opening, Hawk offered a photocopy transfer print workshop in the Art room for the students.

Got Grit? Greenwood Boys Do.

Much has been written about ‘grit’ recently; in many circles it has become the “buzz word” of character strengths.  Rightfully so: Grit—a passionate commitment to a single mission and an unwavering dedication to achieve that mission— has proven to be a powerful predictor of success.  Gritty people see achievement as a marathon; their advantage is stamina.  Despite setbacks, they do not give up.  The impact of grit can be seen in many examples from who will last during West Point’s demanding “Beast Barracks” phase, to achievement on the National Spelling Bee, to student grade point averages, to teacher longevity and success in the workforce.  Here is leading education researcher Angela Duckworth presenting on grit in her well known TED Talk: TED Talk /Angela Lee Duckworth […]