Greenwood School News

Greenwood Students Reporting on 2017 Ski Season

Two Greenwood students, with complimentary skill sets, report on the 2017 Ski Season now under way. Ned is a Junior with a passion for sports reporting. He writes for the school newspaper, Wake Up & Read, where he interns with Amelia Barnes. Pete is an 8th grader and a member of The Greenwood Film Crew led by Benjamin Stimson. He is also a school intern, creating animation to go along with short video “snacks” about life here at Greenwood. Keep reading for Ned and Pete’s perspective on “Snow Sundays.” Although they’re reporting on skiing and snowboarding, it’s also a testament to the Greenwood brotherhood. As the ski season is under way, the Greenwood boys of all skill levels wake up early and […]

Greenwood’s Homesick Helpers

  Homesickness does not discriminate. Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers far from home in the U.S and abroad, may find their first time away at a boarding school difficult. Sharon Koshar, writing and weekend team teacher at The Greenwood School in Vermont, shared this story about one student’s bout with homesickness. It’s a quintessential Greenwood snapshot. When one of our boys was homesick early on, he would only talk to Amelia. She was off-duty, but she stayed in the dorm to shore him up, sitting on the floor in the tower with him for a long time, talking. The evening team made up a cozy bed for him on the couch in the common room. After the other students were […]

“Gleaning Walk” with Greenwood’s International Students

  Right before the first snowfall, our gracious neighbor Charlie Todd, led 10 International Greenwood School students on a traditional “gleaning walk.” In the past, farmers would leave their end of season fruits and vegetables on the vine for the poor. Here in Vermont, we share the last of our “gleanings” with the community at large. Greenwood’s modern day “gleaning walk” started right here on our beautiful 100+ acre campus. Charlie led the way with an artfully crafted basket for the students to collect and carry their harvest. We walked through the scenic countryside, stopping at a garden and picking the last of the chard. We then went to Sun Ledge Farm owned by John Burt, a wonderful Greenwood neighbor […]

Greenwood Hosts Over 50 Educators at Dysgraphia Workshop

On May 13, fifty-eight educators from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York attended an all-day training on dysgraphia at The Greenwood School.  The Greenwood School is very excited about our partnership with The Stern Center for Language and Learning based out of Williston, Vermont.  Together, we present workshops to educators, psychologists, and educational specialists that provide dynamic professional development opportunities in the field of learning differences.

Greenwood Students Inspire Yellow Barn Musicians

On April 29, 2016, musicians from Yellow Barn performed at Greenwood School as part of a residency entitled Faithful to the Spirit. One of the musicians, Marisa Gupta, talks about her experience at Greenwood:  I want to preface this by thanking the boys and faculty of the Greenwood School. There is a quote attributed to Einstein: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Preparing the talk for Greenwood helped crystallise a number of complex ideas. The boys at Greenwood were so perceptive in their comments during our visit there. In particular there was one boy, with longish blond hair whom, after 30 minutes or so of discussion, astonished all of us musicians with his eloquence at articulating what our […]

Yellow Barn Musicians Perform At Greenwood School

  Greenwood School welcomed five talented musicians to campus today who are part of the Yellow Barn Artist Residency here in Putney, Vermont. Our students not only observed their musical performance, but they learned about rare recordings that have been held in the British National Sound Archives, and had the opportunity to ask many important questions. Learn more about the performance here.    

A Message from Caryl Frankenberger to the Greenwood Community

It is an honor to be selected as Head of School at The Greenwood School. I look forward to building upon the school’s current success. Greenwood is rightfully recognized as a premier boarding/day school for students with Learning Disabilities based on the sophistication of its curriculum and the dedication and expertise of its faculty and staff. This is not hyperbole. I can say this having spent the past 30 years visiting LD schools, personally evaluating their programs, creating relationships with heads, administrators and teachers, presenting to the faculties at many of these schools and recommending the schools to parents and students. Greenwood is a unique, important and outstanding school. I look forward to helping us move forward to maximize opportunities […]

Caryl Frankenberger Named New Head of School

Greenwood School’s Board of Trustees is very pleased to announce that Caryl Frankenberger, ED.M. will be joining The Greenwood School community as Head of School. Caryl is a nationally known authority on learning disabilities and a greatly respected educational consultant and psychoeducational diagnostician. She speaks frequently at national forums promoting understanding and awareness of learning disabilities and has assisted numerous schools build and improve their programs to assist students who learn differently. For the past 34 years Caryl has led FA Learning Solutions based in Branford, Connecticut. Her deep experience in the field and extensive country-wide network makes her an ideal leader for this stage of Greenwood’s journey. Caryl is extremely familiar with the school’s history and culture. She taught here […]

New England Educators Participate in Dyscalculia Workshop at Greenwood School

On Friday, forty-two educators from Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire attended the Stern Center for Language and Learning’s Dyscalculia workshop at The Greenwood School.  Anita Long, Ed.D., a Stern Center for Language and Learning instructor, has expertise in one-on-one peer coaching and alternative techniques to teaching math curriculum.  Anita’s research interest is in providing access to math instruction to all students and to improve math confidence among teachers of math. Educators are excited to have a new educational venue at The Greenwood School: “Anita was fun and lively. I loved that it was at the Greenwood School.  I love the location!” and “”It’s nice to have this in southern Vermont and at Greenwood. The facilities and food were excellent!”  The Greenwood […]

Greenwood Juniors Attend College Fair

Greenwood Juniors participated in a college fair hosted by Landmark College in Putney, VT today. They were able to speak with representatives from over 40 colleges and universities, all with excellent learning support centers or LD specific schools. They enjoyed one-on-one conversations, collecting brochures and getting a general feel for what school might be a great fit. We are grateful to be able to offer this opportunity to our Juniors and will be visiting Landmark’s college fair again in the fall!