“Gleaning Walk” with Greenwood’s International Students

| Greenwood News


Right before the first snowfall, our gracious neighbor Charlie Todd, led 10 International Greenwood School students on a traditional “gleaning walk.”

In the past, farmers would leave their end of season fruits and vegetables on the vine for the poor. Here in Vermont, we share the last of our “gleanings” with the community at large.

Greenwood’s modern day “gleaning walk” started right here on our beautiful 100+ acre campus. Charlie led the way with an artfully crafted basket for the students to collect and carry their harvest.

We walked through the scenic countryside, stopping at a garden and picking the last of the chard. We then went to Sun Ledge Farm owned by John Burt, a wonderful Greenwood neighbor who raises lamb. John welcomed students to pick the last of his garden crop. After sampling a plump tomato, Pete from Bermuda said, “This tastes just like sunshine.” He couldn’t have said it any better.

At John’s home, students Jae Hong and Alec helped Charlie prepare a delicious harvest soup served with artisanal breads. For two hours we dined on local faire, talked and reflected on the afternoon.

Evening came quickly. Matt, another neighbor, gave the boys a quick ride up the road in the back of his old pick up truck. It was a remarkable Greenwood experience; a full cultural immersion experience from beginning to end.

We’re filled with gratitude.

Caryl Frankenberger
Head of School