Greenwood’s Homesick Helpers

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The Greenwood School staff offer loving support 24/7 helping new students adjust and deal with homesickness

Homesickness does not discriminate. Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers far from home in the U.S and abroad, may find their first time away at a boarding school difficult.

Sharon Koshar, writing and weekend team teacher at The Greenwood School in Vermont, shared this story about one student’s bout with homesickness. It’s a quintessential Greenwood snapshot.

When one of our boys was homesick early on, he would only talk to Amelia. She was off-duty, but she stayed in the dorm to shore him up, sitting on the floor in the tower with him for a long time, talking.

The evening team made up a cozy bed for him on the couch in the common room. After the other students were in bed, Dustin dimmed the common room lights, disappeared briefly upstairs, and came back with a cup of Sleepytime tea.

Aria stopped in – she was not on duty, but had heard a Greenwood boy was upset – and read to him until he fell asleep. The staff handed him deftly and tenderly back and forth, and as I watched – I was on duty but not one of “his people” – I had to keep choking back tears. The educator in me was damn impressed – and the parent in me was profoundly, breathtakingly grateful.

We take “in loco parentis” (in place of a parent) very seriously, spending hours each week communicating about our students. I get and send emails about who’s having a hard day, who aced something in class or what to try with a student who is struggling academically or with a social dynamic. We live, eat, and breathe their well-being; we truly love our Greenwood boys.