Greenwood Students Reporting on 2017 Ski Season

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Two Greenwood students, with complimentary skill sets, report on the 2017 Ski Season now under way.

Ned is a Junior with a passion for sports reporting. He writes for the school newspaper, Wake Up & Read, where he interns with Amelia Barnes. Pete is an 8th grader and a member of The Greenwood Film Crew led by Benjamin Stimson. He is also a school intern, creating animation to go along with short video “snacks” about life here at Greenwood.

Keep reading for Ned and Pete’s perspective on “Snow Sundays.” Although they’re reporting on skiing and snowboarding, it’s also a testament to the Greenwood brotherhood.

As the ski season is under way, the Greenwood boys of all skill levels wake up early and go to Mount Snow to hit the slopes. Right as the bus parks, it seems like the boys are sprinting off and hitting the slopes or getting lessons from the instructor. As they go their separate ways with friends and ski partners, some of them try tricks out and others use what they just learned on the slopes. The boys share laughs and bond on the hills or on the ski lift heading up. The weather may vary, but the Greenwood kids’ spirits will always be the same, heading to the hills just like it’s their first time.
— Ned Shaw, ’18

Greenwood Boys at Mount Snow Lodge


“Catching Air” on Mount Snow.