Weekend Recreation

Weekend recreation at Greenwood includes both structured activities and free time where boys can socialize, be outside, or just enjoy some quiet time. We make sure that boys have a choice of activities.

culvertHere are some of the off-campus weekend activities our students typically enjoy:

  • Going to a dance at a nearby school
  • Watching a movie at a local theatre
  • Skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Snow – every Sunday during Winter term
  • Rock climbing, camping, and other Outdoor Adventure trips
  • Eating dinner out at one of the many local restaurants
  • Attending regional college and university sporting events
  • Swimming in the local culvert or in the West River
  • Exploring the nearby towns of Brattleboro, VT and Keene, NH
  • Visiting museums
  • Attending local and regional musical concerts
  • Ice skating at the Brattleboro rink

Pond HockeyOn-campus, the boys have many options, including:

  • Sledding, snowboarding, or skiing on our student-built terrain park
  • Snowshoeing
  • Mountain biking
  • Sunday morning cartoons and brunch
  • Practicing tricks at our bike and skate park
  • Fishing, canoeing, kayaking or skating on our pond
  • Playing the drums, acoustic or electric guitar, piano, keyboard or other instrument
  • Model-making
  • Working in our shop or at our metal forge
  • 1-Adric & Race 2Camping overnight in our winterized shelter in the woods
  • Playing video and computer games during screen-time
  • Shooting hoops in the gym
  • Playing with the campus dogs
  • Sleeping over in a friend’s room
  • Playing pick-up soccer, baseball or lacrosse
  • Climbing on our indoor rock climbing wall
  • Watching a movie on our huge projection screen
  • Chilling with some music or a book
  • Cooking
  • Playing disc golf