The Greenwood School in Vermont is a boarding & day school
for students in grades 
6 -12.
For over 40 years Greenwood has empowered talented young people who face dyslexia and related language-based learning, attentional, and executive function challenges. 

Our community teaches the skills necessary to bridge the gap between a student's outstanding promise and current skills.

Welcome from the Head of School
When families visit The Greenwood School, they will quickly find themselves immersed in a rural environment: traveling along dirt roads bordered by a forest of trees, passing by quaint Vermont farms, neighbors on horseback, and often there are runners, content to leave technology at home while they traverse forested trails.

The Greenwood School opened its doors to young boys in the fall of 1978, and for the last forty years we have been educating students who are navigating the world of language-based learning challenges. These boys, ranging in age from 12 -18, are some of the most curious, adventurous and compassionate human beings I have ever had the good fortune to know. Their personal journeys in past educational settings may have been met with obstacles, and yet, arriving on our campus, they are embraced by our community; apprehension and fear quickly disappear. Greenwood welcomes students to campus who bring a spirit of commitment and dedication. A Greenwood student is courageous, self-reliant, and hardworking, traits which will support them as they embark on their life journey into adulthood.

Our location in southern Vermont, surrounded by 100 acres and bordered by rivers and mountains, makes this a perfect locale for students who thrive on experiential learning. Our learners embrace the rural, outdoor setting and learn to demonstrate great respect for the natural world. Greenwood invites students to rediscover the joy that learning can bring.

We view the Greenwood experience as a stepping stone. Each student is on their own path of development, and we work tirelessly to respond not only to the individual needs of each student, but also to the changing dynamics of the world in which we live.

Please allow us to open our front door and welcome you inside this wonderfully rich and caring community. We know that choosing the right school for your son is critically important. Greenwood’s warm, family-like atmosphere is a home away from home. Greenwood is a place where your son will not only succeed, but thrive.

Happy Trails,

Anne E. Swayze
Head of School