Core Values & Beliefs

We believe that students with learning differences have inherent potential that is maximized in a small school environment that brings together individualized curriculum, social emotional learning, expert teaching, and a nurturing, empowering community centered on positive reinforcement. The Greenwood School is committed to creating, maintaining, and improving this community for the benefit of our students and their families.


The Greenwood School exists to provide a transformative experience for our students.  We leverage our small size, nurturing community, and understanding of young people facing learning, attention, and executive functioning challenges so our students realize their full potential and discover their unique strengths.


The Greenwood School strives to be the leading grades 6-12 college preparatory independent boarding and day school for students confronting learning, attention, and executive functioning challenges. We deliver innovative and research-proven programs that empower our students with knowledge, competencies, talents, life skills, and the earned confidence they need to succeed.


We believe students with learning and related challenges are capable of remarkable growth and achievement in the right environment. We exist to create that environment in order to provide a transformational experience for these students.  And we’re on a mission to put innovative research into practice to provide a comprehensive, integrated academic and life skills program that fosters the knowledge, competencies, talents, and confidence these students need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Maximizing Potential • Awakening Talents • Transforming Lives
Board of Directors

Steve Wilkins
Former Faculty Member
Marika Schooler
Current Parent
Edward Gale
Current Parent
New Mexico
J. Scott Breig
Parent Class of 2017
Haruko Shino
Alumnus Parent 
David J. Benjack
Alumnus Parent
Deb Bailey
Alumnus Parent
Edward Gottlieb
Alumnus Parent
New York