The Greenwood School is a small college preparatory boarding and day school in Vermont for children with language based learning differences in grades 6-12. Students join us from across the United States and around the globe, from as far away as Singapore to Spain.

Day students are welcome to join us for breakfast or stay late for dinner and study hall. Day students are also invited to participate in after class programming and to spend weekends on campus with their friends.

Founded in 1978 in rural Putney, VT, the Greenwood School’s small enrollment and non-institutional environment provide parents and students a clear alternative to larger, clinically-modeled schools, and to mainstream schools that have added hours of outside remedial tutoring and support programs to their standard curricula.

Parenting is important for all youth, and especially our younger students.  We do our best to make Greenwood a home away from home for everyone, nurturing a true partnership in the school family. Many of us live with the students and are all on a first name basis, setting the tone for a more relaxed and authentic communication within our community. 

When you come on campus you'll see students visiting with faculty and administrators, playing with dogs and enjoying the outdoors on bikes, skateboards, kayaks, skis and snowboards. Our gym, hiking & biking trails, climbing walls,  STEAM lab, woodshop, and music and art studios, are humming with activity. 

Greenwood awakens talent in young students who have not yet found success in traditional schools due to the following:                                                          
  • specific language-based learning differences such as dyslexia 
  • executive function challenges
  • ADD or ADHD
  • written expression weaknesses
  • dysgraphia
  • math difficulties such as dyscalculia
Our program is highly structured in order to help students with learning differences develop the self-discipline necessary for independent study.  At the same time, the school’s overall atmosphere is familial, understanding, and supportive.

Trustees, Personal Stories

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  • Ed Gale-President-Santa Fe, NM

    • Maria and I made our first visit to The Greenwood School in May 2016. We had exhausted the educational resources available for Peter in New Mexico and Maria and I were looking for a school anywhere in the country that could help our son Peter learn and have an opportunity to achieve his potential.                               
    • Discovering Greenwood and watching our son make progress after years of frustration has been deeply gratifying. We have felt a tremendous sense of relief this year and feel that Peter is in the right place. Greenwood has given us hope for our son as his challenges are met in a caring and nurturing environment.     
    • I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Greenwood Board of Trustees and help advance the mission of The Greenwood School. Greenwood is a special place and I look forward to helping build a great future for the school and opportunity for families who want the very best for their sons.
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  • Maria Alfonso-Madrid, Spain

    • Since 2013, I have had three children studying at The Greenwood School. Currently one son is enrolled: Pablo joined in 2017. In June of 2017, my eldest son, Alex, graduated with his High School Diploma from The Greenwood School.                                                       
    • Greenwood applies a methodology that helps children with learning problems and gives them a chance in life. My experience at Greenwood with two children, and now with a third, is that with a personalized education, they have been instilled with an interest in learning and have obtained skills to overcome their difficulties. Consequently, they are children with high self-esteem and with the confidence to be able to approach the opportunities presented to them.                                         
    • My participation on the board is to contribute my knowledge concerning the direction of companies and strategies. I also wish to pay back what society has given us.
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  • Alan Katz-Vice President-LA, CA

    • My son attended Greenwood from 2009-to-2012 and I’ve served on the Board since 2010.  Greenwood had a profound impact on my son’s life. It was the place he came into his own, honed his commitment to community service and developed his love of travel (he’s received college credit for classes taken on five continents and counting). Serving on the board is my way of paying back and paying forward for what Greenwood has meant to my family and to hundreds of families like ours.
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  • David J. Benjack-Norfolk, VA

    • I became part of the Greenwood community several years ago when my son began school there as a high school sophomore. After watching my son mature as a student and make steady progress in his course work, it was clear that I needed to give back to the school that enabled my son to succeed. When asked to serve, I did not hesitate. And now as a senior, my son is preparing to apply to colleges. Although my wife and I were always hopeful that he would one day go to college, we were never certain he could reach that level. Greenwood has transformed him into a student that takes his work seriously and understands the way he learns. I am so pleased to be able to serve on the board and help in any way I can.
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  • Scott Breig-Westport, CT

    • I first became involved with Greenwood when my son Bennett started at the school in the Fall of 2012.  He has spent 5 wonderful and enriching years at the school and graduated in the Spring of 2017. During his time at Greenwood he literally grew from a boy into a young man; one who is academically more confident and capable as well as a young man who developed his sense of community mindedness and personal independence.                                            
    • The learning and personal growth that goes on at Greenwood in every setting and every experience that the boys encounter is truly a gift and my desire to give back to the school is a direct result of their gift to our family.  Serving on the Board is my way of being able to not only say “thank you” to Greenwood but also my way of helping ensure that the gifts of Greenwood are available for families like ours well into the future.
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  • Jared Minor-Niwot, CO

    Jared Minor is a Greenwood School alumnus and one of the Co-Founders and Chief Executive Officer of Boulder Property Management. He started BPM in March of 1994, along with his other partners, and has since built the business into one of Boulder’s leading property management companies with over 900 total units under management. 

    Jared first started his business career in mid-town Manhattan, New York as a Commercial Real Estate Leasing and Associate Broker in the late 1980’s, and then worked on Wall Street for a few years as an Institutional Trader.

    In 1993 he visited Boulder with the intention of putting together real estate investment opportunities for multiple investors from New England, and soon realized after purchasing several multiplex building and single-family homes, there was a real need for a local full-service property management company. Within a few months Jared migrated to Boulder and seized the opportunity to fill a void by creating an all-inclusive property management company designed to make sure even out-of-state owners feel comfortable that their asset(s) were being managed thoroughly and professionally. This is to say BPM’s services would include, but not limited to: advertising, leasing, credit and criminal background checks, unit checkouts, collections, making mortgage payments, rental licensing, getting properties Smart Reg’s Compliant, monthly property inspections, and a complete monthly financial packet.

    For many years Jared was a cycling enthusiast and had completed three transcontinental cycling trips across the United States from coast to coast, back in 2005, 2007, and 2009. During his third crossing of America, Jared found an abandoned dog in the middle of Texas, and after Jared reached Savannah, Georgia, two weeks later, he flew back to Dallas, rented a car, rescued the dog, and drove her back up to Boulder, Colorado. Lilly quickly became the BPM mascot and she is always available and delighted to meet new friends down at the office.
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  • Haruko Shino-River Forest, IL

    • My son attended Greenwood from 2008-2013 starting when he was 10 years old. During these years, he learned to read, write, and do math, but more importantly he grew and became a kind, empathetic friend and leader. The teachers and staff at Greenwood were his role models. They were patient and had a positive outlook as they worked with him and the other boys. I have served on the board since 2012 as I am truly grateful for their commitment and hard work.
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  • Steve Wilkins-Lincoln, MA

    • My career as an educator of children with language based learning difficulties was launched forward by a year on the Greenwood faculty in 1979-1980 where I worked with Caryl Frankenberger-- both of us as young teachers. I have always remembered that year as a model for just how much impact education can make on students. We didn't just teach, but we also raised those boys with love and discipline. It is an honor to try to give back to Greenwood by serving on the Board of Trustees.
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  • Anna Zeiler-Mendon, NY

    Anna is the parent of an 18 year old boy, Alexander, who has learning differences and is currently a rising Senior at Eagle Hill. Prior to Eagle Hill, Alex was a student at Greenwood for three years. Anna has personally witnessed a success story - directly resulting from finding the right educational fit for her son. As a result, Anna’s loyalty and respect for Greenwood runs deep. Anna is financially literate, has strong project management skills and a broad knowledge of implementation strategies. Anna’s extensive business background, combined with her passion for LD education, positions her to be a fully committed Board member.

    Currently, Anna is the Business Advisor (volunteer position) to the CEO of the Equicenter, a multi million dollar therapeutic riding facility. As the co-leader of the development of a Strategic Plan, she helps to position the Equicenter to initiate a Capital Campaign intended to support a $3M expansion. Anna also participates on their annual fund raising committees with the goal of raising funds for sustainability and to further educate the community on the Equicenter’s mission. In addition, she supports the CEO as he moves the Equicenter toward national recognition with the pilot program of Mission Mustang and with the center’s indirect participation at the Invictus Games.

    Anna’s diverse business career includes 20 years with Exxon Mobil, and two years with Kodak, in financial executive positions. While at Exxon Mobil, she also had the opportunity to head a national Diversity initiative. When Alex was adopted, Anna left the workforce to dedicate herself to raising and educating a productive young man - an ongoing process!

    Previous board experience includes a five year term on the Al Sigl Center Board in Rochester NY, a community of agencies that serve over 50,000 children and adults.

    Educational credentials include a BS in Accounting and a MBA in Finance, from Rochester Institute of Technology.

    Anna remains forever inspired by students that learn differently and who approach education with courage, despite the obstacles. Greenwood is on an exciting path right now and she is loving being part of the journey.
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Parent Association Chair

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  • Amy Chisamore Welcome Letter

    Dear Parents,

    As the Chair of the Parent’s Association, my hope is to offer a few helpful suggestions for the upcoming year and share our Greenwood experience with you. At Greenwood, walls are removed clearing the path for those who learn differently. Know that the staff and faculty see your son’s magnificent potential. They understand that kids look different in person than they do on paper. They meet students where they are, with no pre-conceived notions or judgment of where they are going.

    Coming from different backgrounds and places, we all share the same journey searching for the right fit for our sons who learn differently. Like some of you, I came to Greenwood questioning if the school could deliver. In the past teachers had made promises that they didn’t follow through on. I had begun to wonder if my son was teachable. The Greenwood faculty and staff showed us that our son could most definitely do anything.

    In his first year he was able to be himself, gaining confidence and the ability to try new things that were previously difficult. He bloomed both socially and academically. The academic advisors are very involved with each boy and can give you insight on how to further help your son when he is home, packing, leaving and returning to school.

    Be sure to settle your nerves by asking questions and reaching out. Whether your son is a day student or lives on campus, label everything! Who would have guessed that multiple boys from across the country would all bring the same bike helmet? 

    As a parent of a Greenwood student you are automatically a member of the Parent Association. Please join me in fostering a cooperative and working relationship between fellow families, faculty and staff.

    Welcome to Greenwood!


    Amy Chisamore
    Wyatt ‘24
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