Our students are exposed to a wide spectrum of visual, audio, and performing arts in traditional studio settings and as part of our Music, History, and STEAM programs.

Greenwood's interdisciplinary STEAM projects marry Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The projects are student-inspired, serving as on-ramps for deeper study in areas students may have overlooked in the past.

Seemingly simple projects often grow in scope. One of our students designed a hill climb experiment focusing on what they loved most: bike riding. They wanted to measure the effectiveness of an advertised power drink on personal riding performance. It naturally evolved into a more complex study, measuring variables in weather, equipment, and even themselves.
Starting off, the experiment employed math, statistics, scientific method, and the use of an anemometer to calculate wind speed. It led to more elaborate questions about bicycle design and building materials, along with the ingredients in the performance enhancing supplement. The investigation turned into a wonderful interplay between math, biology, art, and engineering.

The Podcast Project

The Podcast Project is an interactive collaboration between the Music department, students, and various other departments. The podcasts explore sound, writing, current events, and introduce students to the world of sound equipment and music production. Listen to the podcast.

Interdisciplinary Expansion

The STEAM Lab was instrumental in having Vernier Logger Pro software installed on all student computers. This platform accepts inputs from hundreds of sensors, and is now used in all Physics and many other science classes. This instrumentation is also vital to the year-long "Watershed" water quality study conducted by the Science department.
Launching an interest in studio art, reticent students are asked to identify the colors used in early cave drawings—the first evidence of personal expression. It becomes a chemistry class when they go on to replicate the pigments using raw materials, before applying the paint to their own canvases.
Learning about the Bronze Age, students have worked in Greenwood’s outdoor forge melting metal to create everything from coins to a variety of embellished objects.
Engaging in both the creation and the history of art, students compare ancient works with contemporary Picasso bowls and Henry Moore sculpture.
When a Greenwood student shows an affinity for printmaking, sculpture, painting, music, woodworking, videography etc., we provide opportunities for them to delve deeper into study on campus and through outside internships. Students have worked with a local glass blowing studio, assisted musicians with their sound stage, and contributed video and photography to Greenwood’s digital marketing efforts.

There are no limits to the ever-evolving Arts program at The Greenwood School. One student designed a line of jewelry. Others learn to play an instrument or join the “Rock Band,” where they perform and learn to write their own music.

Our woodshop is well stocked with tools and raw materials, and students get lost designing and building everything from a functional tiny house, wooden furniture, and outdoor structures to personal items. 

Courses Offered:

    • Studio Art
    • Woodshop
    • Adventure Education
    • Outdoor Education
    • Spanish 1 & 2
    • STEAM
    • Music

We believe it’s paramount for Greenwood students to find their own CREATIVE voice, fueling self expression while preparing them for the future. Unleashing imagination leads to innovation, the engine behind business, technology and accomplishment.