At The Greenwood School we aspire to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in our Entrepreneurship elective, and throughout the curriculum.
There is no such thing as an entrepreneur who started out with the perfect product or solution. As in life and school, success in business is a work in progress. True entrepreneurs accept failure as on the job training.
In today’s world, creative thinking skills are highly valued, coupled with the ability to problem solve, collaborate with others and overcome fear of failure. In Greenwood’s Entrepreneurship class, students brainstorm product concepts from start to finish, inspired by the interests and potential needs of the surrounding community.

As part of the program, the Greenwood students do market research. They call on businesses, putting their blossoming interpersonal skills to work. The quiet student may defer to the more confident speaker. The more outspoken student may rely on their teammates to create new product graphics. Either way, it all starts with showing up and collaboration!
Successful entrepreneurs challenge the status quo. Developing, branding, marketing and selling home-grown ideas on campus serves as a petri dish for cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset in our talented young students. Coloring outside the lines is what Greenwood students do best.
We want all our students to be exposed to the entrepreneurial mindset, whether they participate in the class or not. In our new signature “World Tapestry” school wide Community Meetings, we invite artists, business people and disruptors, to share their stories, online or in person.
Inspired by Maple Trees dotting Greenwood's 100+ acre campus, students packaged a spiget for the do-it-yourself enthusiast looking to draw sap from a tree to cook up homemade Maple Syrup.