Greenwood teachers invite critical thinking in the exploration of past and present World History. In order for students to think critically, they need to be encouraged and made to think that they are in a safe learning environment where they should ask questions, challenge assumptions, and make new insights. Our small classes and individualized approach to instruction fosters confidence in each learner.

Our younger students in the middle school first learn about geography and world cultures, providing the framework for studying a wider spectrum of humanities in our high school. With such a small student body, we are able to design higher level courses based on interest beyond our required college preparatory classes in United States’ History and World History. Students looking for deeper historic exploration have gone on to study everything from Mesopotamian Art to Contemporary Russian History: The Bolsheviks to Putin.

Writing within the Greenwood History Department:

We believe that writing within the realm of history can be among the most meaningful and enjoyable academic experiences that a student can pursue. Given the unique challenge that writing offers our students, we view and teach writing as a process that, once adopted by the student, can lead to achievement and success.

Teachers model the writing process in their lessons, giving students a chance to observe, practice, and appreciate how many and what types of steps go into successful writing. We seek to meet each student at his own level and to work collaboratively with each to understand and determine personal, as well as programmatic writing goals. With the objective of improving each student’s appreciation and enjoyment of history through the use of writing, Greenwood history teachers enjoy collaborating with students so that they might move forward in their journey as young communicators.
The overarching goal is to educate our young students on a macro level, while encouraging them to be participants in their own future governance, starting here on campus. At Greenwood, our School Council provides faculty, staff, and students ongoing opportunities to shape school policy, events, and student life.

Courses Offered:
  • World History
  • United States History
  • Modern European History
  • Art History
  • The Vietnam War Era
  • Civics
  • Human Rights
  • Economics