Students with language processing disorders are taught by specialists who individualize classes for students struggling with a combination of reading disabilities, not limited to dyslexia or dysgraphia. Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Language, Lindamood-Bell, and other structured language techniques are used to bridge the gap between ability and potential. 

Greenwood students who require these services receive individualized diagnostic and prescriptive research-based language instruction delivered by literacy specialists who have earned advanced certifications through the Academic Language Therapist Association, the Orton Gillingham Academy, International Dyslexia Association, and the Wilson Academy, or who have had extensive training in structured language approaches. Our teaching plan is based on careful and continuous assessment of the individual's needs. 

Greenwood’s Language Tutorial program is comprehensive, covering all components of a sound literacy program. Our areas of focus range from understanding the Alphabet Principle to the study of Latin and Greek morphological concepts. Greenwood’s team of specialists spend time remediating at the word level with studying letter/sound correspondences and at the sentence level learning about parts of speech and how words function in a sentence. All of this study leads to the end goal of a more fluid ability to comprehend text. 

In addition to our program that addresses the needs of language processing disorders, we offer additional, comprehensive language support services that provide Greenwood students with a stronger foundation for learning in all subject areas. With the help of the Language Tutorial program, our students rebuild the self-esteem that so often suffers from experience with failure.
We had an 11th grade student who came to us in 9th grade. They were so dyslexic that they didn’t know the sounds of letters. That first year they started far behind, learning basic letter sound relationships like the short E. We took it slow…and soon they started to open up.
We had team meetings to come up with a plan on how to work with them, providing the exact instruction needed. It was a dance between them and their tutor, until the student eventually really opened up to receive guidance.
Now they are a fully invested Greenwood student, doing what they need to do. Their comprehension and creative thinking ability is high. It’s like talking to a philosophy major, yet at one time they were not able to read.
The ultimate goal is to provide Greenwood students with life skills that follow them through college and beyond.
No student “slips through the cracks” at The Greenwood School. The depth and breadth of knowledge brought to the table to discuss students and problem solving is unmatched.