STEAM is STEM with an A for Art

Greenwood's student-driven STEAM program
fuels innovative thinking, where intellectual and creative rigor go hand in hand.

Greenwood's interdisciplinary STEAM projects marry Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The projects are student-inspired, serving as on-ramps for deeper study in areas they may have overlooked in the past.

Seemingly simple projects often grow in scope. One of our students designed a hill climb experiment focusing on what they loved most: bike riding. They wanted to measure the effectiveness of an advertised power drink on personal riding performance. It naturally evolved into a more complex study, measuring variables in weather, equipment, and even themselves.
Starting off, the experiment employed math, statistics, scientific method, and the use of an anemometer to calculate wind speed. It led to more elaborate questions about bicycle design and building materials, along with the ingredients in the performance-enhancing supplement. The investigation turned into a wonderful interplay between math, biology, art, and engineering.
Interdisciplinary expansion:

The STEAM Lab was instrumental in having Vernier Logger Pro software installed on all student computers. This platform accepts inputs from hundreds of sensors, and is now used in all Physics and many other science classes. This instrumentation is also vital to the year long "Watershed" water quality study conducted by the Science department.