The Greenwood School tuition reflects our individualized teaching approach, our small class size, and the family-like home that our faculty and staff work so hard to create. Our small community not only offers students an intensive academic education, but also provides opportunities for leadership; opportunities for successes to be noticed and celebrated, and opportunities for developing confidence, independence, and self-advocacy skills before transitioning to college or beyond.

Please see the following rate schedules:

When funds are available, The Greenwood School will award assistance to help families pay the cost of tuition and related educational therapies.  This assistance will be awarded without discrimination with respect to race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, or national origin.  Tuition assistance will be awarded on an annual basis, and families must re-apply for each year of enrollment.

For those seeking financial aid, we ask that you fill out a Financial Aid Assessment application through TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) using School Code: 45002.  If you qualify, a typical gift is between 10-15%, if funds are available. We also offer two full scholarships to families who live in Indiana, for those who qualify as well.

Click here for more information on Greenwood's Financial Assistance Policy.