Greenwood School Success Stories

College Bound Graduates
Many Greenwood School students with language-based learning differences such as dyslexia and processing speed weakness, come to campus frustrated lacking self-esteem. Greenwood’s small enrollment enables faculty to provide individualized curriculums and a personalized Transitions program, changing the trajectory of each student’s academic career. Success breeds success!

9 of our 10 graduates are college bound
1 graduate is attending a two-year higher education program
Greenwood’s Entrepreneurship Program is Growing!
This year we engaged with 9 business mentors who detailed how they overcame struggles in school and work by embracing the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Business leaders help Greenwood students understand the importance of perseverance, rebranding failures as “learning lessons.”
Two Greenwood students started their own businesses with the support of faculty in the STEAM lab, woodshop and art studio. A third student was offered a commission to craft a didgeridoo after someone saw his workmanship in a Greenwood video snack.
Greenwood Test Scores Double that of Public School
Greenwood students outperformed the national RIT (Rasch UnIT) test scores in 2018/19. The average personal growth over one year for high school students is around 2 points. At The Greenwood School, the average increase was 4.3 with a few students making enormous gains of 12, 13 and even 19 points. Congratulations students and teachers!
    • College bound Greenwood School senior!