Expanded Equine Program at Greenwood

We are pleased to announce The Greenwood School is expanding the Equine program through a collaboration with our neighbor Caryl Richardson, owner of Stone Gate Stables which borders the entrance to Greenwood and is set among beautiful trails, fields and dirt roads. Caryl is an accomplished equestrian and instructor who offers a unique approach to horsemanship and riding.
Caryl explains, “Horses are really great at teaching us to be better human beings.”  Taking the time to see how your horse perceives the world is a lesson in patience and observation.  Learning the nuances of riding from your core or “seat” is an exercise in mental and physical balance, using subtle shifts of posture, weight and position to guide your horse in a graceful dance. Students learn that communication is a two-way street where using clear signals and body language develops trust. 
“If one’s posture is self-effacing the horse will not respond or follow directions. The rider has to stand like a leader, like they have something to say - calm, firm and with clear intent.” 
Often a young person will define the “leader” as being “the boss.” At Stone Gate Stables, The Greenwood School students will learn that, with horses as in life, one cannot force leadership. It has to be earned. Employing sophisticated teaching methods, students come to understand the difference between partnering with their horse through clear communication and leadership, versus trying to control a 1,000 pound steed. 
We are thrilled for the opportunity to partner more closely with Stone Gate Stables, as building the relationship between a rider and a horse provides life skills applicable in and out of the saddle.
    • Caryl Richardson, owner of Stone Gate Gables, standing by Jack.