Anticipation Needs Patience

Anne Swayze
Early November Letter from the Head of School

November has arrived in full force with snow squalls, cold temperatures, and the barren yet beautiful landscape of Vermont.
Woodpiles are in order, mugs of warm beverages greet family and friends each morning, and the hooks that recently carried sweatshirts have been replaced with shirts of flannel and wool coats. The anticipation of winter has arrived in full force and with it, the need for patience and calm.

As we place closure on the first ten weeks of our fall term, we can highlight the many accomplishments of our students as well as recognize the herculean efforts of our faculty and staff. Each day we find ourselves reading a published article that begins something like this, “This has been an unprecedented fall,” or “No doubt their efforts have gone above and beyond,” or “The changing landscape has required individuals to be thoughtful and flexible.” While the above sentiments are accurate, what is even more honest is recognizing that despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, Greenwood has continued to serve our students and provide a safe and healthy school environment.

With Halloween behind us and the end of our fall term just three weeks away, we need to maintain our focus and commitment to community life. It is imperative that we remain patient and thoughtful as we anticipate the upcoming break between November and January. We recognize that our holidays may feel a bit different, and the joy of gathering with family and friends will most likely occur over Zoom calls, phone calls and emails. The connections will still be powerful and important. 

All of us need a reminder that good things come to those who are patient. There is no better time to put that adage into practice than now, as we take deep breaths and set our sights on the next three weeks.

Anne E. Swayze