Celebrating Head's Day!

Anne Swayze
As we close out our final week of classes before vacation, we are also celebrating Head's Day, a traditional day of rest and rejuvenation at the end of each term. 
This boarding school tradition offers the students a chance to sleep in, eat good food, relax, and enjoy a break in their routine. This surprise event is also a day for the faculty to reflect on the term, prepare for grade assessment and report writing, and begin the process of readying our lives for a New England winter.

The changing of the seasons, the end of an academic term, or the transition from school life to home life asks us to step back and engage in honest reflection. Transitions can be difficult, and releasing our hold on life can be equally challenging however, the way we approach those shifting moments speaks to our own resilience as well as the confidence we have in one another. 

Our character is put to the test when change occurs, and if the landscape of change is unknown to us, we often react with questions and skepticism rather than trust. We owe it to ourselves and our community to enter each day with an open mind and to be willing to question our perspective. 

Communities succeed when members of the community work towards shared respect and partnership. Each day, we teach our students to listen with an open mind, respect others’ opinions, and communicate with respect. We are preparing our students, your sons, to navigate a world that will only become more complex and layered in their lifetime. We see it as part of our responsibility as educators to equip them with the necessary tools to live a positive and fulfilling life. So far, they are on their way to meeting our expectations.

Now, back to the business of celebrating Head's Day!