Opening Doors

Anne Swayze
One of the positives of being on social media and, in particular, Facebook is that it connects you with individuals you may not have a chance to see or spend time with as everyone’s lives have traveled in various directions.

I recently came across a video highlighting a past student, currently the Executive Director at the Food Education Fund in New York City. The Food Education Fund Organization is a non-profit based in New York City and is dedicated to enriching the lives of public high school students through the culinary arts.

I opened the video and was impressed by the Food Education Organization’s impact on the lives of New York City students and the dedication these students bring to this immersion program and their future livelihood. When interviewed, a young student made a particular comment, “This program is a door opener, and I want to go through all the doors that I can.” This sentiment resonated with me and made me consider Greenwood’s mission.

Opening multiple doors are what adults should be doing as we guide and support kids to seek greatness, grab onto powerful moments, and set goals for their future. It is our responsibility to identify what doors need to be opened, how to invite our students through those doors, and to empower our students to keep envisioning what is possible. It is also true that not every door ultimately follows the path in life we wish to pursue. However, the trial and error process affords us the chance to eventually find our true calling and bring to that work our whole self.

As adults, we have a profound responsibility to believe in and support young people who will someday be carrying the torch of social responsibility and justice. The support and guidance adults can provide and the opportunities we can create for lifelong learning are imperative in helping young people reach their full potential. This year will be just one more year of opening multiple doors and inviting our Greenwood students to embrace every opportunity offered to them.