Thankful Greetings

Anne Swayze
I recently sent this letter to our wonderful Greenwood families and wanted to share it here as well.
Dear Families,

We ease our way into winter with shorter days, longer nights, and recipes of soups, casseroles, and baked goods replacing the summer fare of barbecues, garden salads, and maple creemes found at Vermont farm stands. 

Our fall term ended on a high note with the successful transition for last year's middle school students into high school, weekend trips that took our students to skate parks, mountain bike parks, and outside music festivals, and our annual campus casino night, Magic the Gathering draft events, and a backward day where dinner was served at breakfast and breakfast was served as dinner!

Students were immersed in writing persuasive essays on the academic front, understanding the intricacies of stock market trading and financial literacy, successfully navigating newfound tools through assistive tech, and being engaged in internships both on and off-campus. 

A week ago, we gathered around a blazing bonfire to share our collective thanks as a community. To no one’s surprise, the gratitude of the faculty, staff, and students was emotional and heartfelt. This past fall, every member of the Greenwood community has worked tirelessly to navigate the challenges, embrace the defining moments and build lifelong friendships. 

Thank you for believing in Greenwood and entrusting your son into the arms of this community. And, many thanks for sending us your ‘thankful video.’ We loved watching your heartfelt thoughts, and while there were a few, “Oh, mom or oh, dad!” they were quickly countered by the smiles and laughter. Click here to view the compilation of your ‘Thankful Videos.’

May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with love and appreciation. We’ll be excited to welcome your son back to campus on December 5 for the beginning of Wintersession. 

Anne Swayze, M.Ed.
Head of School