The Learning Curve

Anne Swayze
We have packed and unpacked our bags and settled into a school rhythm. We have learned how to remain quiet if not reflective during the morning circle.
We have survived without the juice machine and WiFi for our phones. We have packed dirty laundry on Thursday nights and unpacked clean laundry when it returns on Monday. We have asked questions, found a new passion, gotten through at least one challenge, and understood that to receive Friday’s Dunkin munchkin, you must be wearing flannel. All these big and small moments ultimately lead us to greater independence and momentum toward personal confidence. This is being a Greenwood student.

Schools thrive when they are filled with dedicated and committed adults who teach, mentor, and impart their experience and wisdom to students. Each new year, the adults must re-set their dials and prepare to communicate to our student's facts, figures, and methods to help them develop into mature, thoughtful, and kind adults. We prepare them both in and out of the classroom, and we are thrilled when a graduate of Greenwood recognizes what the school - and the people - have done to support him. 

After Fall Family Days, eleven Greenwood care packages were packed, filled with goodies representative of a student's time on campus, and mailed to our 2022 graduates. The boxes contained a school car decal, a magnet, a fidget toy, a granola bar, Greenwood M&M’s, and much more. Perhaps the most important item in the goodie box was a signed note from the faculty sending best wishes and greetings o each graduate. A few days after the packages were sent and received, a text message was forwarded to me from a recipient of the box. The care package touched this particular boy, and he wanted to thank his advisor and faculty: small steps, the gift of remembering and kindness, and personal gratitude. 

We learn, and we soak up as much as we can. We re-set at the end of each day and step into the following day with just a bit more confidence. We must applaud and congratulate our students for their hard work and listen to them as they open up and share personal experiences. We must always give our students the space and encouragement to tell their stories. 

How lucky we are to live in an environment where relationships are respected, personal growth can be measured by happiness, and our core values guide the community.

October 2022