Taking Flight

Anne Swayze, Head of School
Nestled on the southernmost part of our small campus is Watt Pond.
Here between September through May, students immerse themselves in scientific discovery, learn the art of staying upright in a kayak, gather for a wild game of winter broom ball, meet in the early hours for Polar Plunge and, with the newly erected mountain bike trail, Moon Flower, end their twists and turns at the edge of the water. It is a quiet, reflective spot not only for humans but for Vermont wildlife as well.

A pair of Canada geese have recently found Watt Pond as if they are vacationing at their own private VRBO or Airbnb lakefront property. Every morning they remind us of their presence with echoing honks, and we often see them take flight as if doing a fly-by of the campus before the day begins. There is a reason they have found (or returned) to Watt Pond, and I suspect it is similar to the reasons your sons have made Greenwood their home. 

Whether it is a boarding/day school, summer camp, or choosing to spend the night at a friend's house, the decision is made when the experience feels safe and welcoming. As school people, we want our parents to ask important questions about their son’s journey and feel assured that whoever is responsible for your child understands the ins and outs of your son. We want you to be assured that we listen carefully to your thoughts. We want you to not only see the growth in your son but to feel it as well. We want you to listen to the stories during car rides to and from school and see your son’s facial expressions grow. We want you to take a deep breath and believe, deep within, that we understand.

While there are quantitative tools to measure academic growth and testing modules that explain academic progress, the question front and center in your world, as a parent or guardian, should always be along the lines of how well the educators know, appreciate, and guide your son along the path of life. Canada geese travel in the well-known 'V' pattern for safety, efficiency, and as a family. In the fall, they take flight from Canada to warmer climes found in the US or Mexico and return north in the spring with familiar stops along the way. Familiarity equates to safety and warmth—similar to our boys returning to their family home in May and traveling back to Greenwood in September. 

Our parents are our greatest and most honest lens because you witness the growth of your son in the short term and long term. With hands clasped and shouts of encouragement, we create the pathway for your son’s personal growth and success. We love hearing “I can” and cheer as they toss away the words “I can’t.” We know your sons and are excited as they continue to soar during the final month of school. 

Taking Flight.