More Than a Fingerboard Video

We invite you to watch this first student-produced “Fingerboard” video, two times. View it…read on…and then watch it again for a better understanding of what went into making this “video snack."

Twice a week interested Greenwood students congregate after class, learning the principles of videography using both professional DSLR cameras and cell phones. Looking through their viewfinders, students work on composing interesting shots, applying the “Rule of Thirds,” or Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio. They are mastering how to use visual math. More math comes into play as students learn how to manipulate focus by changing lens aperture size and focal lengths.

Discerning where and how a subject is positioned against the light is key to capturing striking colors. By default, student videographers become more in tune with their personal surroundings in an effort to perfect lighting.

The Greenwood Videographers did a great job dovetailing fingerboard shots with a license free sound bed. Now they can share this production with no restrictions: another important lesson in how to access and apply free music to any video.

In this group project everyone in class did a little of everything: learning how to move the camera smoothly, when to use a tripod, how to create interesting camera angles and slow motion edits. Drawing on a collection of wide shots and close ups gave the students more to work with in this first, all-hands-on-deck, production. Experiential learning at its best.

Great job Greenwood!
    • Greenwood Videographers