Book Award...Dyslexic or Not

Dyslexic or not, at The Greenwood School, every boy is awarded a book, lovingly chosen to inspire, support or tickle his imagination. Marrying the perfect book with each boy is a process. Together the faculty go through the school roster, pairing students with an adult advocate who truly knows him. It’s not easy as every adult wants to give books to each one of our students! Once the student/adult matches are finalized, the book hunt begins.
Prior to the end-of-year awards ceremony, Greenwood advisors, teachers and tutors gift-wrap their thoughtfully chosen books at a wrapping station set up in the Administration Building. Although the paper and ribbon adornments are the same, the reasoning behind every book selection is as unique as every student.

Celebrating the year in review, Greenwood boys are invited to the stage one at a time to receive their personally chosen book(s) and accompanying words of wisdom. Each adult presents the student with one or more outlier titles. The goal is to ensure that every book reinforces a student-centric life lesson, and fuels his known interests or passion.

Our community ethos embraces a love for reading, regardless of how the written word is consumed. Greenwood School’s reading specialists provide direct, explicit instruction using scientifically-researched approaches and programs; including Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell or Wilson Language instruction. Throughout the year, Greenwood boys are encouraged to find and enjoy audiobooks and to employ assistive technology including text-to-speech APPs. With every book award, we’re giving students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities the gift of knowing they can access the written word.
Book awards have profound meaning here at The Greenwood School. We teach to the 1 in 5 who learn differently, and learn beautifully, in our loving and supportive community. There are few things as sweet as watching our boys arrive on stage to hear how much they are loved while being handed a gift worth more than words can say.
    • Every Greenwood boy is given a book award, presented with great care and deliberation.