7 Marathons in 7 Continents in 7 Days - Winston Fisher

The message Winston Fisher, an endurance athlete, entrepreneur and partner in Fisher Brothers real estate firm shared with Greenwood students was loud and clear;
“When you want something, you don’t give up”
In Greenwood’s signature World Tapestry Community Meeting, everyone gathered in the library for a live Q&A video conference with Winston. He openly shared his personal story, starting as a young struggling student with ADHD who bounced around from school to school, eventually graduating from Syracuse University and then working as an analyst at JPMorgan Chase.
Winston learned the power of channeling his “hyperactive energy” to become a visionary partner at Fisher Brothers, philanthropist, and extreme athlete who ran 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days. He also biked across the U.S with a team and competed in four 144.6 mile Ironman triathlons.
“I get tired but I don’t give up. There is a difference between being tired and being injured. Exhaustion is not a reason to quit.”
Winston competes in endurance sporting events to raise money for charities, mostly funding Fallen Heroes Medical Centers, a safe haven where veterans are diagnosed and treated.
Answering student questions, he claimed that his frustrations as a young student, have benefited him as an adult. “You learn how to work hard to overcome weaknesses”, giving you another perspective on life and business. “Sports, creativity, and not being afraid of failure or to try different things” is reflected in everything Winston takes on. He loves a challenge!
The Greenwood students related to Winston’s early beginnings, as our student population represents the 1 in 5 who learn differently, many with dyslexia and ADHD. Winston shared, “I use to be scattered but I learned skills to stay focused. I don’t necessarily follow a straight line, but I also know the reward for finishing. I read a book on how to compete in an Ironman and then did it. I study and then figure out how to accomplish my goals.”
Winston’s penchant for testing his limits as an endurance athlete carries over to business too. AREA15 is a ground-breaking Fisher Brothers project opening in Las Vegas in 2019, providing sensory experiences in art, entertainment, dining and retail, all in one place. Anchor tenant Meow Wolf of Santa Fe will bring a combination art installation and science fiction experience to the AREA15 complex. Quoting Winston, the AREA15 complex will be a “radical re-imagining of retail…a 21st century immersive bazaar and an entirely new concept.”
Whether it’s breaking ground partnering in AREA15, or running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents, Winston perseveres. Winston encouraged the students to rebrand their learning disabilities as training for the future. “When something is difficult, working harder than the next person to overcome weaknesses, always being tenacious and pushing the envelope” is the key to clearing the finish line.“Focus on taking one baby step at a time vs. looking too far ahead.”
“We’re different thinkers cut from a different cloth. Your future and potential is unlimited because of the challenges you experience today.”
The Greenwood School kids were so very fortunate to hear Winston Fisher’s inspiring story, while gleaning words of encouragement. Winston truly is a remarkable man.
    • Winston Fisher in Antarctica where he finished 1 in 7 marathons in 7 days as part of the World Marathon Challenge.

    • Winston Fisher after completing South American marathon.

    • Collection of medals Winston Fisher earned for competing in the World Marathon Challenge where he successfully ran in 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days.