Intersession Novelty Classes

Every year individual faculty members contribute to a colorful roster of unique 2-day Intersession classes that fall at the end of the first semester. Creativity and problem solving are at the core of each offering. On the 3rd day of intersession, Greenwood students unveil their finished class projects and discoveries, in a string of animated school-wide group presentations.
The Greenwood School’s annual Intersession program is designed to engage students during the final days of the semester prior to winter vacation. It’s a time when people of all ages are typically distracted from work and study. We break from our set curriculum to host a variety of novelty classes grounded in fun and experiential learning, exposing our middle and high school young students to new ideas and areas of study to consider in the future.
Intersession Roster:
Become an Anthropologist & Chart a Cemetery
Write & Design Blackout Poetry
Build a Trebuchet
Sushi Maki Making – pairing flavors
Build & Race Derby Cars
Coding Video Games
Greenwood Dogs – DNA
Surviving in the Wilderness
The Science & Math of BBQ
Outdoor Oven Cooking & Leatherwork
Make a Stop Motion Video
Carve & Cast Silver Family Heirloom
Holiday Crafts
Make a Holiday Hoodie
Gingerbread Structure Challenge
Photography Basics
    • Blackout Poetry Intersession Class