Is Greenwood Right For You ?

If your son is bright and kind, but he has trouble finding his potential in a traditional classroom, The Greenwood School may be right for you. With experienced caring staff and an average class size of 3-5, our 6-12 grade boys with language based learning difference such as dyslexia, find they are capable of far more than ever expected. The majority of students join Greenwood in September; however, our individualized curriculum accommodates a few students to comfortably join mid-year.

Teachers are on a first name basis, forging loving relationships and strong connections with their students. We offer a customized college preparatory curriculum, ensuring students are engaged intellectually and creatively inspired. 

An embedded use of assistive technology and a school wide Executive Function skills program provides specific tools to accelerate and enhance learning. Dyslexic students receive tutoring from expert reading teachers trained in Orton-GillinghamLindamood Bell and Wilson Language, and our computer based Targeted Cognitive Intervention course strengthens the brain networks that support reading.

At Greenwood, faculty understand the power of drawing on a young man’s inherent curiosity and his need to move. Robust learning happens through student-driven inquiry based projects.  We know that Greenwood boys excel in an environment where sequential, direct instruction is the norm, but the use of different modalities is just as important.

On and off campus opportunities provide students with the ability to connect with the community around them. One much loved program allows for students to meet with entrepreneurs. Mentors, with and without learning differences, share their challenges and triumphs, rebranding failure as the typical road toward success. This type of education liberates Greenwood boys from the conventional classroom environment, and ignites a passion for learning.
To prepare for life after Greenwood, upperclassmen in good standing can apply to live in an on-campus apartment for one semester. 

Coursework around transitioning beyond the Greenwood community and becoming fully independent, is at the core of our program. Our College & Career Director encourages boys to explore their interests through local internships. Juniors and seniors are coached throughout their application processes, and they also have the option to earn credits at neighboring colleges.

At The Greenwood School, we see the incredible progress that is possible when young men with learning challenges are placed in the right environment and provided with:

  • Avenues for academic success that focus on his strengths
  • Research based remediation for boys with language based learnng differences such as dyslexia
  • A curriculum that builds on his ability to reason, critique, debate, create and enjoy a fund of general knowledge
  • Opportunities to discover and cultivate his unique talents in academics, athletics, outdoorsmanship and/or the arts
  • Support in setting personal goals and persevering to achieve them
  • An embracing community where kindness, fellowship and tolerance are valued
We believe that when confidence develops, the desire to learn is reawakened.