• Students measure the arch and angle of a rocket launched in the snow.

      Students measure the arch and angle of a rocket launched in the snow.

At The Greenwood School we’re proud to approach math differently. Students acquire math skills by doing and experimenting.
On every level, we take math to a place where it gets really fun. We use a series of concrete models with multisensory components to construct numeracy, moving into pictoral models, and then finally to abstract concepts.

We teach foundational skills, to more advanced concepts in Calculus where the Greenwood boys build and solve problems by incorporating work from the Physics STEAM lab. Math is about making connections and seeing the bigger picture.

Algebra and geometry are integrated. It’s 3D math using computers, compasses and the straight edge. As part of the curriculum, the boys are designing a porch for the Greenwood Yurt, calculating the cost, design and angles of the boards. They see purpose in math. 
Playing chess is the best critical thinking tool for algebra notation and time management. There’s something to be said when two people are sitting across from one another strategizing chess moves against the clock. Playing chess is an effective way to teach students how to plan, and hone their personal critical thinking skills.
We have exceptionally bright students with real talents in mathematics. Many come to The Greenwood School having been leveled by their language based learning challenges at prior schools. For the first time many are finally able to access an exciting advanced mathematics program.