Maria Alfonso-Madrid, Spain

  • Since 2013, I have had three children studying at The Greenwood School. Currently one son is enrolled: Pablo joined in 2017. In June of 2017, my eldest son, Alex, graduated with his High School Diploma from The Greenwood School.                                                       
  • Greenwood applies a methodology that helps children with learning problems and gives them a chance in life. My experience at Greenwood with two children, and now with a third, is that with a personalized education, they have been instilled with an interest in learning and have obtained skills to overcome their difficulties. Consequently, they are children with high self-esteem and with the confidence to be able to approach the opportunities presented to them.                                         
  • My participation on the board is to contribute my knowledge concerning the direction of companies and strategies. I also wish to pay back what society has given us.