Scott Breig-Westport, CT

  • I first became involved with Greenwood when my son Bennett started at the school in the Fall of 2012.  He has spent 5 wonderful and enriching years at the school and graduated in the Spring of 2017. During his time at Greenwood he literally grew from a boy into a young man; one who is academically more confident and capable as well as a young man who developed his sense of community mindedness and personal independence.                                            
  • The learning and personal growth that goes on at Greenwood in every setting and every experience that the boys encounter is truly a gift and my desire to give back to the school is a direct result of their gift to our family.  Serving on the Board is my way of being able to not only say “thank you” to Greenwood but also my way of helping ensure that the gifts of Greenwood are available for families like ours well into the future.