Ed Gale-President-Santa Fe, NM

  • Maria and I made our first visit to The Greenwood School in May 2016. We had exhausted the educational resources available for Peter in New Mexico and Maria and I were looking for a school anywhere in the country that could help our son Peter learn and have an opportunity to achieve his potential.                               
  • Discovering Greenwood and watching our son make progress after years of frustration has been deeply gratifying. We have felt a tremendous sense of relief this year and feel that Peter is in the right place. Greenwood has given us hope for our son as his challenges are met in a caring and nurturing environment.     
  • I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Greenwood Board of Trustees and help advance the mission of The Greenwood School. Greenwood is a special place and I look forward to helping build a great future for the school and opportunity for families who want the very best for their sons.