Responsible Citizenship

Greenwood boys are taught through example what it means to be a responsible citizen. They participate in community service projects, random acts of kindness and school programming that supports social emotional learning.

In January Chris Little, Dean of Students, led Greenwood in a month-long initiative recognizing “Diversity, Inclusivity and Human Rights.” On Martin Luther King day everyone gathered together in a Community Meeting to reflect on the extraordinary impact MLK had on our country.

Students read aloud classroom-written poems on what it means to be free, followed by open discussion about the Civil Rights Movement. Chris shared a beautiful song and video, written and performed by him and his wife Beth, remembering six year old Ruby Bridges, the first African American child to integrate an all white school in 1960. Everyone was moved.

2018 marks Greenwood’s 39th annual Gettysburg Address gala where students recite President Abraham Lincoln’s timeless 1863 speech in front of a large audience of friends and family. This signature Greenwood event is about more than rote memory. Students spend weeks dissecting every sentence of The Gettysburg Address, compelling people then and now to remember that our nation is, “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

“In today’s world, it is increasingly important for us to lift our heads and look at the events occurring across the globe. The need for human awareness and sensitivity is immense. Young people, like the boys at Greenwood, are tomorrow’s active global citizens. As a school, we hold the responsibility of engaging students in meaningful discourse about societal issues to facilitate opening hearts and minds for the future.”

Chris Little, Dean of Students at The Greenwood School