Transitioning Beyond Greenwood

The Greenwood School releases parents from the daunting challenge of transitioning their sons from our structured school environment, to an appropriate post secondary education. Many of our boys go on to college while others enroll in a trade school or participate in an experiential Gap Year. The goal is to find the right match for each graduate, dovetailing a student’s strengths, interests and maturity, with a suitable educational environment.
We take the heat off parents, supporting our boys and their families through the application process, from start to finish.

Greenwood initiates the journey at the beginning of junior year with a general introduction to post high school opportunities. In the winter we have our first one-on-one discussion with parents, making specific educational suggestions right through to graduation. In March, all juniors have two hours of weekly tutoring for the ACT college entrance exam taken later in the spring. The goal is to preview and prepare students both academically and emotionally, easing them into the college application process.

Faculty accompany juniors and seniors on post secondary program visits in the northeastern region.  These visits have included a trip to Newport, Rhode Island to experience IYRS, a technology and trades school.  Our students will also be visiting the University of Vermont, Champlain College and Mansfield Hall to name a few. We also invite representatives from colleges and programs to present here on campus. Most recently the assistant admissions director from Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL visited Greenwood and led a student Q & A. 

Through most of the fall, Bobby and the Greenwood faculty, coach our seniors through  the entire college/continuing education application process, supporting them with essay writing, the common app and resume building. Bobby works individually with each student, ensuring that each boy sets up his own timely school interviews. Prior to the actual interviews they cover everything from eye contact, posture, mock questions and stress busters.

Greenwood Juniors and Seniors in good academic standing have the option of dual enrollment in neighboring Landmark College. At Landmark they get a taste for independent study in a topic of their choosing...a safe and comfortable introduction to life after Greenwood.